Tips from High Earners

Every member has their favourite way of earning points. Some like watching videos, some enjoy completing surveys, while others enjoy downloading apps and reaching certain levels. Below, we will mention some of the top ways to earn points.

  1. Use Our Desktop App - Visit our desktop app and discover additional ways to earn points.Our highest earners use all methods to maximize the points

  2. Jun Videos on Desktop - Jun videos are a very popular option for those who earn videos. When video inventory is available, users can earn 1000s of points. Look for inventory to become available at 12AM EST to get first dibs!

  3. Tap Research Surveys - Tap Research surveys are available on both Desktop and Android, but our heavy earners like to access this through desktop due to the ease of survey completions. TapResearch not only rewards you for completions, but also for partial completions which makes this a winning choice with high earners.

  4. Live Feed - Interested in knowing what members are earning in real-time? Check out the live feed on the "Trending" screen. TIP: Select your country from the country dropdown. This will allow you to see actions completed in your country.

  5. High Point Offers - Much of our highest point offers are located under "Complete Offers." This section contains many trial / purchase offers. Browse this list to find products and services that will land you easy points. Depend on the offer, some of these can land you as many as 5,000 GrabPoints! 
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